Tangle Therapy Toy For Kids and Adults (2-Pack)

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    Tangle Therapy is so much fun to twist and turn – it’s hard to put down!

    • GET CREATIVE: Tangles are the perfect way to express your creative side in a whole new light. Attach them however and mold them into whatever you’d like.
    • KEEP BUSY: If you or your child can’t stand sitting with idle hands, this is the perfect solution for waiting rooms and car rides alike. Super fun and super portable.
    • CRAZY COLORS: This pack comes with three different color schemes of Tangle Jr. All of which are bright and fun. Mix them together to make them even more exciting.
    • PUT DOWN THE ELECTRONICS: If you’re trying to get your child away from a tablet or phone, this is a great non-distruptive solution to your gadget problem.
    • QUALITY MADE: Tangles are meant to be taken apart, put back together, and used over and over so they’ve been made to the highest standards so you can get use after use out of them.

    Tangle Creations Tangle Therapy: This twistable therapy device is a new ergonomic approach to stress relief, as well as a manipulative for hand therapy. The Tangle Therapy is more than your classic Tangle toy. Larger than the original tangles, this is a twisty and fun way to get hand, joint and muscle therapy and stress relief all in one. It’s even recommended as a stop smoking aid. Instead of doodling or fidgeting, use the Tangle Therapy while you talk on the phone or listen to a conference call and strengthen your hand muscles. Buy several and connect them to make a long wild Tangle snake. Touch it, twist it, turn it, and get hand and mind wellness. Relax and twist by using the powers of the mind. This Tangle is covered with soft, flexible, (latex free) rubberized material. It is comprised of a system of rotating interconnecting links that can be twisted, turned, bent, coiled and shaped into an endless amount of shapes. Tangle Therapy relieves minor stress, improves range of hand motion, restores motion of joints, strengthens finger muscles, and rehabilitates hand muscles and joints. Tangle Therapy fits in your hand for single handed manipulation.


    Twistable therapy device with a new ergonomic approach to stress relief and hand therapy
    Use Tangle Therapy for hand and mind wellness
    Tangle Therapy fits in your hand for single-handed manipulation
    With 20 pieces interconnected, this twisty toy keeps your fingers good and busy
    Each piece is covered with a soft rubberized material that is designed for maximum tactile pleasure

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